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Please note: WeightMeter is not in active developement since 2017.

Being on a diet can be tough! Almost everyone at some point in his or her life has been on a diet. It can be frustrating: you know that there’s this goal you’d like to achieve so very much, but it is just so hard to make it happen.

A healthy weight loss isn’t just about a specific type of diet or program. When it comes to losing weight, perseverance, determination and accountability are what count most. It’s about your daily lifestyle: you gradually need to change your eating and exercise habits so that you feel comfortable keeping the ball rolling..

This is where Weight Meter will be a great benefit to you. Weight Meter becomes your daily companion whom you entrust with your weight, the companion, who reminds you to keep the ball rolling. It calculates your BMI, estimates and measures your body fat percentage and even lets you track your own user-defined values. It will help you monitor your success with easy to use charts, statistics, goals, photos and notes.
Weight Meter will help you keep a positive attitude about your diet, will strengthen your commitment.
Start today, you're worth it!

Who can benefit?

Everybody, who’d like to support his diet and monitor his success. The recreational athlete, who’d like to monitor his daily workout. Parents, who’d like to see the success of the regular diet of the family members. Many more…

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Read about news, updates, previews and the main features of Weight Meter below. If you have questions about the app the How to use guide or the FAQ might be of interest to you. You can also reach me directly via the Support page.

I hope you consider a purchase, if you like and use the app on a regular basis...

Please note

This app is intended for a healthy person to manage their body weight. This app is not intended to give medical advice, nor does it guarantee the success of a diet.
If you have questions about dieting, weight management or have any disorder, please consult with your doctor or other qualified health care professionals. Unreasonable dieting or exercising might damage your health. Please try to properly exercise for your condition and have a well-balanced diet.

Recent news, updates and previews

Weight Meter - Update

Version 1.3.6

New features:
• Support of intermediate weight goals, i.e. the input of more than just one weight goal is now possible
• Selection of a 'start weight' is now possible
• Direct manual input of a bodyfat value now possible, as before the use of a user-defined value as a bodyfat value is another option
• Remember last record weight setting has additional options
• When switching the weight goal view of a line chart on or off, the current chart window is saved and not reset
• Fixed an issue where the statistic screen was not completely updated when selecting a start or end date manually
• Removed count restriction of user-defined items in the free version
• Fixed a few other minor issues...

Weight Meter - Update

Version 1.3.5

New features:
• Data synchronization functionality to automatically or manually sync data between all your devices or even share your data directly with your friends, more details in the Howto
• Additional statistic values: 1. exact duration of a data selection in years/weeks/days, 2. weight goal forecast
• Proper 'priority mode' behavior for Lollipop and newer devices
• Adjusted the behavior of the arrow in the actionbar to go 'one back' when pressed instead of going back to the home screen
• Changed the apps 'main local directory' from '\Download' to '\Download\weightmeter'
• Fixed several other minor and major issues...

Weight Meter - Update

Version 1.3.4

New features:
• Additional statistic values: weekly gain and loss rate
• Dialog-UI adjustments, especially for Android 2.3.3 and older devices
• Workaround for a bug in the support library and the Android 5.1 implementation not properly calling onCreateActionMode() when an ActionMode is created(Android issue 159527)
• Workaround for an outdated support library on some older Samsung devices running Android 4.2.2 (Android issue 78377)
• Workaround for an outdated support library on some older LG devices running Android 4.1 when pressing a hardware menu button (Android issue 78154)

Weight Meter - Update

Version 1.3.3

New features:
• Unlock pattern to 'access protect' the user data. The pattern can be individually configured for each user on the User profile screen.
App widget user selection. You can page and select a user by tapping the user image. Once a user is selected the widget becomes independent from the currently selected user inside the app. Each widget can independently display a different user.
• Load and save backups from and to the cloud. You can configure your cloud account on the User profile screen.
• Automatically scheduled cloud backups. Once you configure your cloud account and opt in to use it, the app will automatically create regular cloud backups for this particular user, besides the automatically performed local backups for all users.

• Fixed an issue when selecting pictures from the gallery on >= KitKat devices
• Fixed a crash issue when selecting a particular set of data, including the BMI, with 2 y-axes in the line chart
• Android 5.x UI update, several UI adjustments, some minor fixes and major code revisions
• Android 5.1 update

Main features

Weight Meter - Feature: languages

15 Languages

English, Deutsch, 日本語, 한국어, Español, Português, Italiano, Français, 中文, Русский, Nederlands, Svenska, Türkçe, Polski, हिन्दी

Weight Meter - Feature: intuitive to use

Simple, fun and intuitive to use

Innovative and clear user interface. Almost no typing required, easy to use slide controls.

Weight Meter - Feature: multi user support

Multi user support

Create profiles for yourself, your partner, your kids.

Weight Meter - Feature: metric and imperial units

Metric and imperial units

Pound, kilogram, foot, centimeter and many more...

Weight Meter - Feature: user-defined tracking items

User-defined tracking items

Create and track your own items, fully integrated into the app.

Weight Meter - Feature: analysis and reporting

Powerful analysis and reporting

Charts, spreadsheets and reports will help you keep track of your data.

Weight Meter - Feature: body fat percentage

Body fat percentage

Measure and estimate your body fat percentage in a quick and easy fashion.

Weight Meter - Feature: BMI

Built-in BMI calculator

Your Body Mass Index is calculated automatically.

Weight Meter - Feature: ideal weight calculator

Built-in ideal weight calculator

Set your ideal weight as your weight goal and monitor your progress.

Weight Meter - Feature: reminder alerts

Reminder alerts

Never forget to take your weight again!

Weight Meter - Feature: photos and notes

Photos & notes

Monitor and support your progress with photos and notes.

Weight Meter - Feature: backups

Backup functionality

Easily backup and restore your data.

Weight Meter - Feature: csv import and export

Csv import & export

Easily import 3rd party data and export your data to view it with Excel, Numbers or Google Docs on your laptop or desktop computer.

Weight Meter - Feature: chart export

Chart export

Export your charts and share them directly with friends via email or on your social platforms.

Weight Meter - Feature: help


An extended help functionality lets you discover the various functions of the app.