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As developer I enjoy taking complex problems and turning them into an intuitive, simple to use and beautiful software. I like the logic and structure of coding and always strive to write elegant and efficient code, whether it be Java, C++, SQL or HTML script.

As team lead and product owner I like taking an idea and turning it into a product vision. Concepting the product with your team, supervising the implementation and testing, then finally 'going live' is a great experience. Continually evolving the product with new ideas, concepts and the users' feedback is not to be underestimated once your product went live.

Projects have been part of my life since my university education. My study course was project based and so was the internship and my diploma thesis. This proceeds until today: As a freelancer I work on my own and projects I'm hired for. I persuade my clients, as well as my users, with quality software and strong communication skills, be it as a team member, team leader or product owner.

The skill set below lists more or less the hard and soft skills I successfully used in a productive manner in various projects in the past. My recent focus is definitely on mobile app development using the Android framework, Java and software development in general, as well as product development for mobile platforms. For any project requests, please use the Project requests page.



  • Java
  • C++
  • Delphi


  • Android; J2EE; Swing; Spring
  • Qt; MFC


  • OOAD; UML; ER-Modelling
  • Agile development; Scrum; Kanban; XP
  • Sourcecode management; Test driven development; Continuous integration
  • Agile quality assurance


  • Html; CSS; XML; JavaScript; Ajax
  • Perl; PHP
  • SQL


  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Oracle


  • Eclipse; Visual Studio; JDeveloper; QtDesigner; GNU make; qmake
  • Subversion; Concurrent versions system (CVS)
  • Hudson


  • German, native tongue
  • English, business level
  • Polish, advanced level
  • Dutch, basic level

Product development

  • Conception
  • Requirements engineering
  • Product implementation
  • Continuous improvement

Projects & coordination

  • Jira; Mingle; Mantis; Quality Center
  • Project lead
  • Product owner

Quality assurance

  • Fitnesse acceptance testing framework; Selenium; Concordion
  • JUnit; JMeter
  • Test case development; Functional testing; Product testing

Special knowledge

  • Mobile (app) development
  • Quality assurance
  • Bioinformatics; Life sciences; Health care
  • Digital image processing; Machine learning

Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Unix: Linux; Solaris
  • OSX