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About me

Hey I'm Paul, envisioning, planning and implementing software is my passion.

I do have a degree in computer science, a diploma in Bioinformatics to be precise, and enjoy creating software for more than 14 years. Turbo Pascal and Basic are keywords that started my interest for the 'guts' of computer applications. But even before: I remember playing Pong on some nowadays antique TV-console in kindergarten, playing awesome games at my friend's Amiga 500 in elementary school, getting my own desktop computer in secondary school and finally 'going online' at my uncle's place in the mid 90s, using internet services from internet pioneers like AltaVista or Yahoo!. I guess you could call me a 'Digital Native' of the first hour...

When I'm not coding or working on other projects, you will find me enjoying my free time with various topics I'm interested in. You will find me watching movies more or less regularly and you will find me jogging occasionally.
You can read about my profession, skills, etc. on the Work page.

Interests & what I like - Movies header


I guess you like them too. I didn't watch many new movies recently, nonetheless The Prestige, A Clockwork Orange and Being John Malkovich are some of my favorites. - Jogging header


I did quite some sports in the past: Soccer, Karate, Athletics and Jogging most recently. I got lazy the past year, though: need to motivate myself again and find something interesting for the near future... - Asia header


It's not just movies from China, Japan or Korea that I like, it's the Asian culture in general: Traditions, history, friendly and helpful people, asian sports and martial arts. - Astronomy header


When looking at the night sky, you're looking through the past. Light that left a star thousands or even millions of years ago, and you can see it now. Don't you think that's fascinating? - Cooking header


Once or twice a week I tend to stir up some fun in the kitchen: Trying out new recipes or cooking accustomed ones. - Books header


I tend to read quite a lot, especially technical and work related articles and topics. Once in a while, I also like to enjoy a decent novel. Historical novels are my favorites. - Space invaders header


I didn't have time for any gaming lately. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is the last decent game I really enjoyed. All time favorite: Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - Design header


'Less, but better' is what I like in design, industrial design and software design. This design approach, stated by Dieter Rams, is found in many successful products. 'Simple isn’t easy, it's an art.' - Water header


To-Do List: Done

We all need it: Time to relax and take a break from everyday life... - Hardware header

Hardware & Electronics

I used to assemble computer hardware for friends and acquaintances, so I do have some interest in electronics and how they work. Starting a project in home automation would be awesome, I think. - Game of thrones header

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

A great epic by George R. R. Martin. I enjoyed both, the first five of supposed seven books, as well as the first three seasons of the HBO series. I hope The Winds of Winter is coming in 2014.